It is summer and you want to go to vacations. The problem is that first you do not know what φωτοβολταικα activus place to choose to go to vacations and the second thing is that you need to find cheap tickets and travel deals for your vacations because we have difficult times with economical crysis!

No wonder Greece is one of the best places in the world when it comes to vacations. There are too many islands for you to visit as well as many historical places. This combination of historical places with islands makes Greece one of the most prefered locations for vacations in the world.

One of the best places in Greece is the island called “Mykhonos”. Mykhonos, is a big island and is the center of all the europian artists and of all famous people and businessmen. Mykhonos has great things to offer to you. This island has big reputation when it comes to entertainment because there are many beautiful beaches and many clubs for you to visit and have a great time with your friends.

This island is also the center of “love”. Many people who came to Greece, came back again and thats because you never know if you will find the person of your life there.

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