Playing with Zergs can be exciting and challenging at the same time and the Starcraft strategy guide will help you come across. Starcraft 2 Zergs generally depend on the advantage of numbers and cheap units to overcome the opponents. Zergs need to learn to utilize their special powers like the plague and creating queens otherwise called spawn broodlings. Mutalisks should be stacked and have to be kept moving. Burrow efficiently and micro the units like Defilers and Lurkers. One factor which helps Zergs is that they can produce multiple numbers of Drones simultaneously. Production capabilities also have to be planned carefully since fighters and workers are both spawned from Larva. Hence the count of Hatcheries defines build orders.

Backstabbing is what the Zergs, especially Zerglings excel at. Attacking workers in the enemy’s undefended bases can cause damage the opponent’s economy. Micromanagement techniques and effective adaptation are must-haves. Popular Starcraft 2 strategy guide suggest the following important techniques such as Mutabombing, Hold Lurker, Scourge Cloning and the Larva Trick which will definitely help you gain entry into the coveted Diamond League.